Sydney Eileen, Sydneykins, Sydalee, Sydney Eileener Beaner, Syd, Sydney

This beautiful person is the young lady who first gave me my most important role in this life, the role of "Mom."  From the very beginning of her life she has been a spicy little red head, with a broad vocabulary and an "old soul" that started before she was even 2 years old.  She can be so much like me at times that it scares me.  She loves to take care of the family and hang out at home in comfortable clothes.  (Who does that sound like?!)

A few things you many not know about Sydney:

  • She loves school.
  • She loves monkey bars and dancing.
  • She loves arts and crafts and is very talented.
  • She can be very quiet but has a lot to say one on one.
  • She gets crabby when she is hungry (where did that come from?)
  • She is our most anxious child (wonder where she got that?)
  • She calls me on things that I need to be called on.
  • She will probably be the shortest Sweet B girl.
  • She is very particular about her clothes.
  • She likes to be the caregiver.
Her favorite foods: Sushi, pasta with white sauce, carmel rolls and dumplings.
Favorite Movie: Wizard of Oz and Annie
Favorite TV show: Good Luck Charlie
Favorite Activities: Play pinball, color or art projects.
Goal in life: To be a karate black belt.
Favorite Memory: Helping Daddy in the basement when it was being renovated.
Favorite Subject in school: Math
Career Goals: A 1st or 2nd Grade Teacher

I heart this special little girl and thank her for helping me be a better person.  I love you Sydney!