Theresa Vivian, Theresa Vivianie, Tesser, Tessie, Tree, Tess

This little lady has a personality all her own and brings a smile to my face.  Her distinct personality keeps us all laughing and her mischievous side can sometimes drive us crazy.  I can't imagine life without this happy little girl.

Things you may not know about Tess

  • she is very funny
  • she loves school
  • she is very affectionate
  • Tess makes friends easily
  • she wakes up happy
  • she is our most TV addicted child
  • she can be a bit accident prone and has 3 chipped teeth so far (luckily baby teeth!)
  • she does not enjoy "girly" things
  • Tess plays very well alone.
  • Miss Tess loves playing in her bedroom, especially on the top bunk where she hoards toys.  
Favorite foods: Chinese food, candy, pizza, corn dogs and pasta. 
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite pastime: Playing outside and playing with animals.
Favorite TV Show: Johnny Test
Favorite season: Winter (Loves the snow)
Favorite movie: Alvin and the Chipmunks

I love you Miss Tessie!